Things you need to know before eating street food

Things you need to know before eating street food

Street food is prevalent in many Asian countries and is already part of the culture and is sold on food carts or by hawkers. Not only is that street food a cheap meal option, it is also essential in experiencing the most authentic food that a country can offer. The food vary greatly depending on what country you are in. From bugs, critters, intestines to fresh fruits and meat are being served with its signature sauce and spices.

When eating street foods, people are always concerned and ask if you got sick or if your stomach hurts. That will not happen if you know what to eat and where to eat and when to eat.




Before you travel to a country, it is important to do research and most of us often forget to check out the food and often complain when you are supposed to be enjoying your stay, it is often the most neglected part of travelling. You should know what local delicacies they have and what ingredients are in the food as no one wants to have an allergy attack.



Your main goal is to experience the country at its finest and it is best to enjoy the city and the country’s culture on a full stomach. Unlike restaurants, here you can see how the food is prepared. Like fast foods, the final preparation of street foods occurs when the customer orders the meal and you can even customize it according to your liking, if you want more of the sauce or less on the chili.





Traveling will definitely mess up your eating schedule since we have different time zones. It is best to eat during the time when locals are eating. This will ensure that what you will be eating is fresh and doesn’t stay in the stall for too long preventing it from being contaminated with bacteria.




It’s best to ask the locals on where the best street foods are being served. Don’t expect a fancy setting with beautiful interiors as the food is served mostly on busy streets where public transport drives by. Many people flock the street market and be sure to fall in line where most people buy their food as you can be sure that what they serve is fresh.




Stalls and food carts serve a wide range of delicacies to choose from. Most are fried or grilled but there are also food carts that serve soup and noodles. It is important that you know what you are about to put in your mouth and make sure that it is clean and well prepared. Some countries have potable water while others are contaminated. Make sure that the food you order are cleaned with potable water, if not stick to peelable fruits



Always be adventurous and experience new flavors, not just the explosion of yumminess inside your mouth but the oriental touch and insight of the culture of the place you are in. Most importantly is you enjoy the memorable experience.