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How to book your next holiday with Hotel Express

A simple guide on how to take advantage of the lowest hotel deals. If you find the same hotel with the exact same criteria within 24 hours of booking, we will pay back the difference.


There’s more to travel that you need to know.

Booking a hotel should not be a hassle, that’s why we at Hotel Express UK is here to help you with your booking needs.



5 Amazing places to visit in the UK.

When traveling in the UK, we at Hotel Express is dedicated to provide you with the best rates of hotels in the area.




Things you need to know before eating street food.

Street food is prevalent in many Asian countries and is already part of the culture and is sold on food carts or by hawkers. Not only is that street food a cheap meal option, it is also essential in experiencing the most authentic food that a country can offer.


Gastronomical Delight at Your Second Home

People enjoy food as much as we like to travel and that's why hotels already have restaurants and the competition is really tough. We at Hotel Express can help you find that perfect hotel with the perfect restaurant that can fill your gastronomic craving.