Hotel Express International UK, Who…?

Welcome to Hotel Express International UK

So, who are Hotel Express International UK?

What do we do?

How do we do it?

What’s in it for you?

These are questions that are important to our customers. We know that, so we need to answer these for you here in our blog.

Our parent company, Hotel Express International was established 1987 and is a Norwegian company which historically has sold memberships that qualifies its members for up to 50% discount off BAR rates at participating hotels. With more than 12,000 participating hotels worldwide and national offices covering 60 countries, Hotel Express International is a world leader in its field.

After more than two years developing a new hotel booking engine, Hotel Express launched the new product HEI Online in 2014. HEI Online is on average approximately 24% cheaper than the major hotel bookings sites and at present lists more than 100,000 hotels worldwide.

And so we match people with hotels and do this in a number of ways.

Hotel Express International UK is able to provide such low prices for three reasons:

1. Hotel Express have built our reputation over 28 years and our hotel contracts are through multiple sources for each hotel and we list the cheapest price/source for individual hotels. You get the best deal.

2. Hotel Express International UK also manually price check all hotels listed and adjust the levels for individual hotels to ensure a saving of on average about 24% against the other online booking sites.

3. Hotel Express has historically distributed solely through large companies and member organisations that invite their customer or members to register at the company’s or organisation’s own unique White Label website.

The hotels allow HEI Online to sell rooms below rate parity (The best price the hotels sell the rooms for) because access to HEI Online is granted by invitation only and no prices are published or available to anyone other than registered users.

We deliver massive value direct to you! Travel related benefits are among the most popular products that can be offered as almost everyone travels for both business and leisure, hence why our membership is the perfect solution!


Hotel Express International UK

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