Are you looking to cut back on your company’s travel costs? 

Are you looking for a product to enhance your brand? 

Maybe a customer loyalty product or an employee appreciation scheme is what you need. 

We have many ways in which we can cater for your company’s needs!

We at Hotel Express United Kingdom can analyse your company’s infrastructure and devise a tailor made solution to suit your requirements. Our products can help with any employee program or customer loyalty schemes that you promote.

We can design Co-branded Corporate Membership cards, which you can present to your larger customers or use as a referral gift for individual customers.


We can also incorporate our HEI Online product into your package providing you with your own branded private hotel booking site completely for free. This site would consist of YOUR company’s logo, and pictures and text of your choice. The access to this secure site can be given to whoever you please; your employees, your staff, or partnered companies. There is also the opportunity of a potential earning for you dependant on our negotiated agreement.

We are always in search of organisations we can partner up with. Please contact us for more information.

Some of our corporate partners: