corporate travel management ukPlanning your corporate travels can be a very tedious job. Finding the right place, finding the right price, booking that VIP lounge for your boss, finding a good deal on a rental car service, or making arrangements for bus transportation for those large group events. The list can go on. And with so many hotel providers out there you don’t even know where to begin. Who has the time to go through all of them to find the best price. So what you need is a corporate travel management UK. This is where we come in!!
Hotel Express UK can do all of this for you. We do regular price comparisons with other hotel providers and we can guarantee that our prices for worldwide accommodation is on average 24% cheaper than the likes of and If you become a Gold member, then you can even take advantage of our special member rates of up to 50% discount on accommodation.

Give us a call today and we can fill you in on all the different ways we can help you save and fulfil your requirements for a corporate travel management UK service.

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Hotel Express International is a world leader in hotel discounts. From exclusive loyalty membership cards to a fast growing online hotel booking service (HEI Online) dedicated to provide clients with the best price guarantee. Our membership/partnership ensures huge savings through an array of travel related benefits with the cooperation of our partners, like Sixt, Priority Pass, Sports Events 365, Dragon Pass, and many more.

With our service, you can tailor your needs as it is easy to compare rates with just the tip of your finger using our HEI Online app that is available on Google Play.